College Internship Program

Internships focusing on educational activities, museum management and exhibit design, public relations, information technology and web design, GIS, and other focus areas are also available. Over the past seven years, LAMP has sponsored undergraduate and graduate students from University of North Florida, Flagler College, University of Florida, University of West Florida, State University of New York, UCLA and other colleges from across the U.S. and as far away as Australia. The opportunity for college students to work side-by-side with professional archaeologists, archaeological conservators and museum and educational specialists is a valuable one that can lead to a career in any of these exciting fields. At the same time, the participation of these students is vital for LAMP, as they provide the hard work and enthusiasm that is necessary to carry out our mission of research and education. Depending on student interests and experience, interns may choose to work in the laboratory conserving artifacts, drafting or conducting archaeological analysis. Or they might join LAMP's scientific diving team and assist archaeologists as they conduct archaeology underwater. Non-diving participants can still assist in fieldwork by serving as surface support for divers, sorting through screens during excavation or by operating remote sensing equipment during the search for undiscovered sites. Internships focusing on educational activities or museum management and exhibit design are also available.

LAMP sometimes has the budget to provide stipends for interns in order to offset the costs of living in St. Augustine. When available, paid internships are competitive and awarded to the most outstanding applicants. We can usually provide free housing for interns at LAMP's Field House, located in a rural area several miles west of St Augustine. We are also flexible in order to accommodate individuals' schedules and areas of interest, though we usually require at least a month of full-time commitment for visiting students. Local students may work for a set number of hours per week for a semester or longer. If you are interested in applying for an internship with LAMP, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email or calling 904-829-0745.

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